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A urine test strip is the most common product used by labs and anyone testing themselves at home. These test strips come in many different forms and types. Within the test, strips are panels, these panels are used for each drug, and how many drugs the certain panel will test for. Test panels can rage from one to over ten different panels within one test. Choosing which panel to use depends on the type of drug that could be in a persons system at one time.

Urine test strips will not be able to indicate how much of a substance is in a persons system, it will only be able to detect if the substance in present. Being able to read a urine test strip may be the tricky part for some people. The intensity of the color of a line on the drug test does not mean anything and should not be interpreted as a measure of the amount of drugs. A faint line on a drug test is still a line, so if you have a faint line in the "T" area of the test then you have a negative drug screen. As you can see in the negative test results photos below, the THC strip is much lighter in color than the OXY test strip, but the test result is still negative. Having a negative result means the concentration in a persons system is low enough to not be detected in a persons system. With a positive test results One Line appears in the Control Region (C) and NO line appears in the Test Region (T).

Not Every Urine Test Strip Will Be Accurate

In some cases the test will be invalid and there will be no lines that appear in the control region. This might be in results of a faulty test, the person taking the test did not follow the directions properly or the volume of the specimen in not enough to give an accurate results. In this case, take another test and be careful on how the test is performed. Urine test strips are used in labs as well. The urine test strips are not only used at home for personal use but in the lab setting as well. With urine test strips that are used in labs often, use different variations of the test oppose to a person using at home. This is because they have to test for other things like the temperature of the specimen is at the accurate body temperature. As well as if there is, any additives added to the urine; if the urine has been diluted in any way such as, if the person taking the test has been drinking an excessive amount of fluids, or if there has been any water added to the sample to dilute the concentration of the urine.

More About This Test Strip For Urine

Our Urine Test Strip Tests For 6 (Six) Toxins:

Many people wonder the difference between the number of panels on the at home test strip. The five-panel test strip tests for substances such as, Cocaine, Marijuana (THC, cannabinoids), Phencyclidine (PCP - angel dust), Amphetamines (including methamphetamines, also known as crystal meth) and Opiates (including heroin, codeine and morphine. Five-panel drug test has been known as traditionally industrial test panel. With any test panel the type of sample testing that is collected is urine. These test panels will be able to detect any substances used within the past 72 hours or longer depending on the amount used and for home long. Five- panel testing kits can be used at home or on the go when you happen to have a drug test pop up and you need to know your results before the lab does. Not only do five-panel drug tests strips can be used at home but they also will be used in labs as well.

These strips are for customers who would like to test themselves in the privacy of their own home, office, etc. This is a SIX panel test kit that detects for a MARIJUANA TEST, COCAINE, mAMP, OPI, BENZO & OXY. It will test at the same levels as an actual laboratory test. These urine test strip products have a 100% detection rate!

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Urine Test Strip Instructions

Instructions: The urine sample should be collected in a clean glass or plastic container. Open the foil pouch at the notch and remove the panel. Pull the protective cap off the bottom of the test to reveal the absorbent testing strips. Do not discard the protective cap. Carefully dip the testing strips into the urine sample. Do not allow the urine to touch the plastic casing of the test. Allow the test to absorb some urine- You will be able to see the urine moving up through the windows. After 5 to 10 seconds, remove the marijuana test from the urine. Replace the protective cap over the testing strips and lay the test on a clean, flat surface while the marijuana test lines develop. Do not interpret results after 10 minutes.

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