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  • Best #1 Selling Premium Pre-Mixed Synthetic Urine
  • Ideal Solution For Random/Unsupervised Scenarios
  • Unisex - Works For Men & Women
  • Includes Temperature Strip On Container
  • Includes Self-Adhesive Heating Pad To Keep Warm For Up To 8 Hours
  • Specially Formulated & Lab Tested Undetectable
  • 2 Simple & Easy Steps To Follow - Just Heat & Pour
  • The Monkey Flask Has A TWO (2) Year Shelf Life
  • 100% Success Rate
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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The Famous Monkey Flask Is Unisex Synthetic Urine

This unisex synthetic urine, the Monkey Flask, has a very modern design using unique innovation. It has 3.5 oz (ounces) of state of the art high quality product solution. This imitation kit's container has a mounted temperature strip that measures from 90 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit and is easy to read. The container's safety seal, which is a flip-top cap, makes it simple and easy to pour the urine. The container is small and allows for easy concealment. It also conveniently keeps the urine warmed up to the proper temperature range for up to 8 hours.

The Monkey Flask is the ultimate solution for synthetic unisex urine as it is so easy to use. This unisex sample (for men and women) is completely undetectable and maintains an incredible 100% success rate if the directions are followed properly. The Monkey Flask works no matter if the sample is tested right away on the spot or is being sent to a lab to be tested at a later date. This is hands down the best choice for random and/or unsupervised situations.

This Product Includes 2 Parts For 2 Easy Steps - Just Heat Then Pour

monkey flask  

Do Not Swallow Or Consume Any Part Of The Monkey Flask


Step One:

Collection Container: As the heating pad should be enough to heat it up to the proper temperature range, this can take up to an hour to warm up. In some situations, a person may not have enough time to wait for it to warm up. In these cases many opt to microwave the container for 5-10 seconds. This will "jump start" your sample to within the correct temperature range.

After removing from the microwave, go ahead and shake it up gently. If no temperature is visible but the sample feels warm to the touch, you likely have over-heated it. Simply wait and allow the solution to cool down until a temperature is visible on the strip.

Step Two:

Heating Pad: Do not microwave the heating pad! Once the sample is ready temperature wise, go ahead and affix the self-adhesive heating pad. Place the heat pad on the opposite side of the temperature strip. It will simply stick to the collection container. This will maintain the sample's heat within the right temperature range and will not over-heat. If you are keeping the container close to your body and/or concealed in clothing, it will maintain the proper temperature for up to 8 hours.

When carrying the container, never place the heating pad directly against the skin. The temperature strip side should be facing your body if it is touching the skin. Your body and the heat pad are the heating sources for the flask.


Simply flip the top open and pour the contents into the testing administrator's collection cup. We suggest not using the entire contents of the flask so that you're not submitting an exact number of ounces.

Important: Remember to submit your sample within the acceptable temperature range of about 94°F - 99°F degrees fahrenheit.

100% Success Rate


More About The Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine

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This product for men and women is the highest quality solution available today! This is the same solution that is used to calibrate urine drug testing equipment for huge companies and such.

It is formulated to be completely undetectable. It contains real human characteristics and even foams and smells like real human urine. In order to pass certain validity tests and not trigger synthetic sample warnings, it contains components such as uric acid. It doesn't require any freezing, thawing, refrigerating, etc. Store at room temperature and not in any extremely hot or cold areas.

What else is in this synthetic urine?

Monkey Flask delivers the perfect urine simulation. For validity, it contains components of real human urine such as:

The manufacturers of the Monkey Flask are constantly staying up to date with the latest technology. This requires updates to the urine formula to remain effective and up to date. It was recently updated for 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions & Additional Tips

Other synthetic products as not as advanced as ours. Many others are just pH balanced colored water that does not grow bacteria.

For validity/authenticity reasons and to not trigger synthetic sample warnings. All real human urine will grow bacteria after leaving the body.

As long as the factory safety seal has not been broken, you can use the product through the expiration date. This is illustrated on the bottom of the box/packaging.

Yes! It can be reheated and cooled down an unlimited amount of times.


* This product is not intended to be used for lawfully administered tests.

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