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When it comes to pass urine testing, people get paranoid on the results of the test. Urine drug testing has many different ways to try to prevent the test does not come back positive. If you have been informed of the drug test and there is still time to prepare yourself, not taking any type of drug substance for about a week leading up to the test it can also lesson the chance of a positive results. The cheapest way is to drink lost of clear fluids to flush out the toxins in a persons system.

Use The Mid To End Stream To Pass Your Urine Testing

Urine drug tests do not test the amount of drugs in the urine, the test will measure metabolites. Drinking lots of water will help your body produce more metabolites, which helps to make sure metabolites are not tainted with drugs. The morning of the urine drug test, make sure you are drinking lots of water and make sure your urinating several times before the test. In addition to drinking lots of fluids and urinating frequently before the test, before urinating into the specimen cup make a small void into the toilet because the mid to end stream of urination will contain fewer metabolites.

Test blocker drinks are another way to hide the presence of drugs in your system when wanting to pass urine testing. Blocker drinks do not get rid of the drug in your urine it will only mask it and block the urine for up to five hours. In some cases, labs will test for these types of drinks that can alter any urine drug test. Another type of drink is a stripper. This will strip any drugs from your system and help pass the drug test easily. The day of your test, make sure five hours before drink the stripper drink and make sure to urinate a couple times before the test.

You Don't Need To Use Someone Else's Urine To Pass

The most common way people try to "cheat" a drug test in to collect a clean friend's urine and replacing it for yours in the specimen cup. If you do not know anyone that will have clean urine sample there are other ways to replace your tainted urine. These types of synthetic urine, such as our famous Sub Solution product, come in a couple different forms such as powder substance and some are pre-mixed. Making sure the temperature of the sample is normal body temperature is very important because the labs will test to make sure it is an accurate collection. Some synthetic products also come with heat activation that will make sure the sample it at the correct temperature.

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