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Positive drug tests for job applicants reach record level in 2017…

Ask any company or businessman about what is the most troubling or complex thing about running his or her business, and there is a high percentage of chance that it will be people (aka employees) and positive drug tests. (more…)

Pass a drug test with bleach? Do not drink bleach to pass a test!

For years, people have been trying to pass their drug tests in ways that would blow your mind! One of the ways people are attempting to pass their drug tests is with the use of bleach… and not in the way one would expect! (more…)

Drug testing for employers and employees and what you should know….

Drug testing at workplaces can be a major cause of controversy. Government institutions are not as lackadaisical as the private employers are when it comes to subjecting their staff to drug testing. As an employer, you will need to consider (more…)

How to pass a drug test and some good advice….

There might occur a time when you are looking for a new job or on probation/parole. Getting yourself tested for drugs and coming out clean and unscathed from the rigorous testing is a challenge in itself. While there are many tips available (more…)

Pass a drug test and the bare bones truth….

According to Mr. Albert, who used to work in a drug testing lab, you’d have to be an idiot to not pass a drug test and fail. “Cocaine, honestly, if you do it infrequently — maybe on a Friday night when you go out with your friends (more…)


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