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Morphine Drug Test Facts:

  • What Is It?
  • The Popular Uses For Morphine.
  • How Long Does It Take To Work?
  • How Long Does Morphine Stay Detected In Your System?
  • You Can Pass A Drug Test For Morphine (Or Other).

Morphine, a poppy derivative pain killer, is usually administered to patients suffering from severe pain since it's among the most effective drugs. New drugs that find their way into the market get typically tested against the efficacy standards set by morphine. Your doctor may prescribe such medications after surgery or major injury or in the treatment of severe pain cases associated with ailments such as cancer or heart attack. You can find various morphine-based drugs in your local store under such names as Roxanole, Kadian, Morphgesic, Morphabond ER, among many others.

Its efficacy works on the principle of blocking the pain receptors from reaching the brain, and since it works on the brain's pleasure centers, it usually gets abused. It is classified as a federally controlled substance. Its administration takes the form of intravenous injections, oral pills, or liquids. Other forms include rectal/anal suppository, epidural, intranasal, and inhalation through nebulization.

Let's first look in to how long morphine takes to kick in before you start feeling the effects. Then we'll look into how long it stays in your system (urine, hair and saliva).

This article also delves deep and looks into how one can pass a morphine drug test.

How Long Does It Take For Morphine To Work?

The effect of morphine depends on different individuals. Furthermore, there exist other factors that may vary how long its effect takes. Such include:

When administered orally, the drug effects may take between 30-60 minutes, as typically indicated on its product label.

However, when administered intravenously, the effects come about much quicker as it has a direct passage to the bloodstream. Usually, the doctor starts the patient on a lower dose and gradually increases the amount until they achieve the desired pain relief.

For first-time morphine users, the desired effect is quickly achievable. However, for long time or hardened opioid users, it may take a while and may involve switching up the dosage to achieve pain relief. Under no circumstances should you take a higher dosage without a doctor's consultation as this may lead to an overdose and even death.

The doctor will have you take a single tablet of morphine orally after every 4-6 hours. It is normally the time its effects start to wear off. To ensure that pain relief is maintained, it would be necessary to take the next tablet in that time sequence successively. However, an extended-release formulation usually takes 8-12 hours to wear off.

For How Long Is Morphine Detected In Your System?

Since the aim is to suppress the pain, people typically hold the thought that morphine is out of your system the next day. But in the reality, it still can be traced in your system (urine, saliva, etc) for long after.

One way of finding how long the drug will stay in your system is calculating its half-life. Half-life is the period it takes for half the amount of drug to wear out or eliminated from the body. Morphine's average half-life falls between 2-4 hours. It means it takes about the same period to clear half the dose. The half-life depends on one's metabolism, thus varying from an individual to the other.


Morphine Detection Times

For how many days can Morphine remain detected in your system?

Hair Follicle

For most, morphine usually takes 1-7 days to clear in an individual's urine based on the above factors. However, be advised that it is still detectable for more extended periods. In one's hair, it may go up to 90 days, urine for up to 7 days, and saliva for up to 7 days after taking the last dose.

How Can I Pass A Morphine Drug Test?

There exist a plethora of reasons why drug tests get conducted. They may be done by law enforcers for trial purposes or at workplaces for employment or pre-employment. It's alarming to note that people have specific ways to ensure that drug test results don't reflect the actual truth.

Such methods may include the use of synthetic urine and home-based cleaning chemicals such as drinking bleach.

Pass Drug Test  

There are other healthy ways that exist in which you can rid your system of toxins. These are natural ways that will permanently cleanse your system as long as you aren't continuing to use toxins. These methods will also speed up the time it would take to be completely clean of all toxins.

Ensuring that you are highly hydrated dilutes the drugs inside the system and expels them through the urine. Thus, always ensure that your bladder is full and you are urinating frequently. Exercising also ensures that the drug remnants in your system get expelled through sweat.

Conclusion: Modern-day medicine is continuously morphing and looking into different ways of pain management. Such developments, like morphine, are essential in any medical practice but must be regulated in its administration to prevent addiction. Experts indicate that it would be better to rid of the system correctly rather than relying on dubious methods, which would eventually lead to other non-desired problems.

* Products shown are not intended to be used for lawfully administered tests.

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