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Before entering the military, it is standard to go through certain certifications before allowed to join. A military drug test is something the military finds very important to perform according to the guild lines. DoD labs test 60,000 urine samples each month. All active duty members must undergo a urinalysis at least once per year. Members of the Guard and Reserves must be tested at least once every two years. There are several protections built-in to the system to ensure accurate results.

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The bottles are boxed into batches, and the test administrator begins a chain-of-custody document for each batch. A chain of custody is a document that states every person who comes in contact with the sample and what they are to do with is under military guide lines. This will ensure that none of the samples are tampered with when a person is trying to ensure a passing results so they can enter the military. Every military drug test sample is tested for marijuana, cocaine and amphetamines, ecstasy and more. Tests for other drugs are done at random on different schedules for each lab. Some laboratories do test every sample for every drug. In some cases the commanders can also have the samples tested for steroids as well to ensure every persons entering is clean.

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With a military drug test, there are certain circumstances a person may be tested for. This would be scenarios such as medical testing or probable cause. This is testing which is accomplished in compliance with any medical requirements. Urinalysis drug test given to new recruits falls under this category. As with random testing, results can be used in court-martials, article 15s, and involuntary discharges, to include service characterization. Members do not have a right to refuse medical testing in the military. If a commander has probable cause that a person is under the influence of drugs, the commander can request a search authorization from the Installation Commander, who is authorized to issue "military search warrants" after consultation with the JAG.

Individuals First Initial The Label On Their Military Test

Again, results of urinalysis tests obtained through search authorizations can be used in court-martials, article 15s, and involuntary discharges, including service characterization. Members cannot refuse to provide a urine sample, which has been authorized by a military search warrant. In addition to probable cause testing there is also a consent to a military drug test. This happened when the commander does not have probable cause or a military search warrant making the member take the test the commander will simply ask the member to take the test, which could still be used against them if the test was to come back with positive results. If a member refuses to grant consent, and if the commander does not have enough evidence to warrant a probable-cause search warrant, the commander may order the member to give a urine sample anyway. However, commander-directed urinalysis results may not be used for court-martial or article 15 purposes. The results may be used as a reason for involuntary discharge, but may not be used to determine service characterization. In other words, the member can be discharged, but what kind of discharge he/she receives honorable, general; other-than-honorable depends upon his/her military record without using the urinalysis results.

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