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False positive drug test results can be attributed to human error and sample contamination. If your drug test came back positive and you are sure that it is a false positive drug testing result, there is a chance the test came back with false results. A false positive result is based on the drug test coming back positive when it should this is based on many factors due to food and certain medications. Also is could be in results of the lab or tests that are being used by the lab. The test could be old or faulty which will give results you are not expecting. Hopefully the lab will be able to catch there mistake so you don’t have to pay the consequences but this is rare.

There Are Other Things That Can Cause False Positive

In addition, there are a number of controlled and uncontrolled substances that will cause a false positive result; these are some of the reasons why drug test passing labs will immediately split your specimen into two samples. Below are some of the many substances to avoid prior to a drug test. Take this very seriously, your employer or probation officer certainly will. False positive drug test results run high with the EMIT, and in some cases this is all it takes to send you to the unemployment office or a parole/probation revocation hearing. National laboratories state that the EMIT test is wrong 25% to 30% of the time, and can result in false positives from legal substances up to 38% of the time!

The main cause of a false negative is because of a person’s diet or medications they are taking. Cold medications, the antidepressant Wellbutrin, and Tricyclic antidepressants can trigger false-positive results on tests for amphetamines, according to the review, and the antidepressant Zoloft and the painkiller Daypro can show up as a benzodiazepine problem. The Quinolone antibiotic drugs can trigger false positives for opioids, and the HIV medication Sustiva can show up as marijuana as well.

When going for a drug test and under these types of medications, your doctor will have documentations proving you are taking these medications legally. Something that is very important when going to the drug test center the day of your test is to have documentation proving the test might show a false positive results based on the usage of these medications. Cocaine is typically not a type of drug that will show up as a false positive. There are not medications that can alter the results of the drug test based on the test showing a false positive drug testing resulting in cocaine usage. The type of drug test that has the highest rate of false positive results is urine drug test.

With the results of a false positive, most companies are sensitive to this matter. More times than not they will allow the employer or new hire a chance to retest with a reasonable story and documentation proving your innocence, such as documentation from your doctor when on certain medications that could cause this results. When assured you are able to take the new test, start the process to detoxify yourself from anything that could have given you a false positive. This will help ensure the test will not come back with the same results as the first drug test you took. In order, really be able to have an understanding of false positive results a person needs to have an understanding of how drug screening really works the basic drug test is a 5-panel test, which screens for five different categories of drugs: THC (marijuana), amphetamines, opiates, ecstasy, cocaine.

Do not get excited if you think you can blame a positive result on any prescription, over the counter or certain foods because it will not be able to happen. If there are any illegal drugs in a persons system it will show up on the test. If you are sure the positive results should be negative there are more advanced tests called GC/MS drug screen, which can identify exactly what substance is causing your positive test. It would be helpful if you could provide a list of all prescription drugs you are taking, any over-the-counter medicines and anything else you think might be causing it.

Popular Items That Can Cause A False Positive

Antibiotics: Certain antibiotics such as Penicillin and Tetracycline can cause false positive drug test results for heroin or cocaine.

cold remedies

Cold remedies, diet pills, hay fever remedies and pain relievers: In blind drug test passing testing, decongestants and many diet aids resulted in false positives for amphetamine use in one third of all drug test passing samples given to 40 leading substance testing laboratories. There are more than 300 over-the-counter drugs that can cause false drug test passing positives on the EMIT, and new drugs being introduced every day. Some others include: Cold and allergy meds that contain ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, propylephedrine, phenylephrine, or desoxyephedrine (Brand names include Nyquil, Contact, Sudafed, Allerest 12 hour, A.R.M., Triaminic 12, Ornade, Tavist-D, Dimetapp, Sinex, Neosynephrine, Actifed, Bayer Select Maximum Strength Sinus Pain Relief Caplets, Contact Non-Drowsy Formula, Dristan Cold Caplets, Maximum Strength Sudafed Sinus Caplets, Maximum Strength Tylenol Sinus Gelcaps, Sinus Excedrin Extra Strength Caplets, Drixoral Cold and Flu, Robitussin Cold and Flu, Vicks Inhaler and Afrin) Diet aids containing phenylpropanolamine (Brand names include Dexatrim and Accutrim). Asthma medications such as Marax, Bronkaid tablets, and Primatine Tablets.

Dental/Medical treatments: Cain-based products, especially Novocain, have been known to cause false positive drug test results for cocaine. Some legal products actually contain small amounts of illegal chemicals. All urine tests, including GC/MS will indicate a positive drug test passing result because the metabolites derived from the substance are identical to the metabolites of the illegal drug.

Ibuprofen is a common pain reliever that, even in low dosages, can cause a false positive drug test for THC on the EMIT. This has supposedly been corrected. Here are some other common ones as well: Advil, Nuprin, Mediprin, Motrin, Bayer Select Pain Relief Formula, Excedrin IB Caplets, Genpril, Midol 200, Pamprin, Trendar Cramp Relief Formula, Cramp End Tablets, Medipren, Rufin, Naproxen, Aleve, Keroprofen, and Orudis KT.

poppy seeds

Poppy Seeds: Though an extremely concentrated amount of poppy seeds are needed to obtain a false positive drug test result for opiates on the EMIT, it is possible.

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