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Opiates are drugs that produce a rush of intense pleasure, followed by a sense of well-being and a calm, drowsy state. A drug test opiate can be common for the work place, judicial system, etc. Opiates are processed from opium, a chemical which is derived from the naturally occurring chemical morphine, which is found in the poppy plant. Opiates include the drugs heroin, morphine and codeine. All of these drug test opiate drugs are highly addictive and cause many health problems. Long term effects of opiates include collapsed veins, cellulitis, heart failure and abnormal brain wave patterns. Opiates are among some of the leading common drugs of abuse today.

Drug Test Opiate – Pass Any Testing For Opiates & More Guaranteed

Opiates are primarily central nervous system (CNS) depressants and narcotic analgesics for drug test opiate. The use of opiates typically creates physical as well as psychological dependence and tolerance. Opium is the milky latex fluid contained in the unripened seed pod of the opium poppy (papaver somniferum). Opium contains a number of different alkaloids. But only one family of alkaloids, the phenanthrene alkaloids, can be converted to narcotic substances. It is this highly addictive family of alkaloids and their derivatives that are controlled by national and international law. From this drug test opiate family comes morphine, codeine, and thebaine - the natural opiates. The semi-synthetic opiates are then derived from these substances.


Our Products To Pass A Test For Opiates

The Clear Choice products, such as our Rescue Cleanse Detox Drinks, are available in two sizes for a drug test for an opiate, cocaine, etc. These drinks will retain substances in you that are kept or stored in your fatty tissue and cells. These substances normally burn and then they are released into your blood, then filtered by your kidneys and sent onto the bladder and then showing up in your drug test opiate test. These drinks prevent these toxins from ever being released. This works on all toxins and is completely undetectable! This Detox Drink has a 99.8% success rate if the directions are followed correctly. There is a 17 Oz Rescue Cleanse Drink for under 175 pounds, and a 32 Oz Rescue Cleanse Drink for over 175 pounds.

Example Of Easy Instructions To Pass a Drug Test For An Opiate

Instructions: Avoid all toxins and unnecessary medications for at least 48-72 hours prior to drug test opiate, cocaine, etc. Do not eat or drink for 4 hours before consuming this drink. Allow 60 minutes for this to be effective. For best flavor, refrigerate before opening. Shake well. Drink entire contents of bottle as quickly as possible but at a comfortable pace. Wait 15 minutes then refill container with cold water and drink. Urinate frequently to remove toxins and continue to avoid food/beverages. After one hour you will be in the Clear Zone™ for up to 5 hours. Maximum effectiveness is achieved within the first hour of using this drug test opiate, cocaine, etc product.

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