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Drug testing can be a scary to some people because it may determine there employment status or can even alter there medical and auto insurance requirements. If you know you are going to be tested for any reason such as employment or insurance purposes, there are different ways to test yourself before being tested by a lab. A drug test kit is an accurate way a person can test them selves at home. Test panels are more of a common way for at home testing.

An instant drug test is very popular for at home drug testing or for immediate results in a lab. This type of testing is usually done through urine samples. Urine samples are the easiest and most effective way to obtain an instant drug test result. These tests can show results of the test within matter of minutes. Depending on the type of test used depends on the amount of the urine sample needed.

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An Instant Drug Test Can Normally Detect Up To 10 Toxins

There are different kinds of a drug test kit and this depends on how many and what kinds of drugs a person will be testing for (1-10 test panels). Test panels are used mostly for any type of urine drug testing. If the test comes back positive, there are ways to alter or prevent a positive test when being tested by a lab such as, drink, additives and synthetic urine. When a person knows they are going to be tested by a blood sample, there is not an accurate way to test your self at home. Even though blood test are the most accurate way for detection of a drug substance in a persons system, cleansing your body will help prevent a positive test.

Some only need little droplets to obtain instant results. When a person is told that day they will be going to get drug tested for either there employer, for probation or becoming a new hire need instant results before they enter the lab to give their urine sample. In this case, they will need either a urine cassette or a test panel. They are able to take the test at home, in a public bathroom or even in their car with a clean collection cup. Sometimes when the labs are looking for instant test results and their needs to be further testing done on the sample for reasoning’s like dilution of the sample or because the sample is not at the correct body temperature needed it could take up to at least 48-72 hours to obtain the accurate results they are looking for.

Use A Testing Kit To Confirm If You Can Pass

Using a drug test kit is the first test someone should take to determine if a drug is present in ones system. Start using a pre-cleanser and instant cleanser will help prevent a positive test result. Mouth swabs are another way insurance companies and employers will use to detect substance abuse. There are at home drug test kits that can be used to detect the presence of a substance in ones system if they know a swab test is going to be the drug test of choice. Drug substance will stay positive in a person's saliva membrane for about 10-24 days or much more depending on the type of drug and the frequency of the user. Mouth swabs are done by using a cotton swab, swabbing the inner cheek as well as additives added to the test tube with the swab added to detect any drug use of a person's mouth. With this type of drug, testing using mouthwash will alter a test result and is not able to wash away any evidence of drug use.

There Are Different Types Of A Drug Test Kit

Hair follicle testing is another way to test for drug use and is very accurate. Hair follicle testing can be taken at home but will still need to be sent to a lab for your results. This is an anonymous way to find out the results of a hair follicle test. If you know you are going to have a drug test done this way a person best bet is to use other methods to lesson a positive results simply because there will be a waiting period to receive the results of your at home test.

Normally it takes about seven days for a drug to get into your system and be shown as positive in a hair follicle drug test. If a person has a couple days to prepare for this type of drug testing, using a detoxifying hair shampoo is a way to prevent a positive test result. Hair follicle drug testing kits tare not designed to test the occasional smoker. If a person smokes for example 45 days prior to testing then again 15 days before testing, more times than not the test will not be shown as positive. Hair follicle testing is solely used for continual heavy smokers.


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Our SIX (6) panel drug test kit will detect 6 toxins:

  • COC (Cocaine) / Examples: Cocaine
  • OPI (Opioid) / Examples: Morphine, Etc.
  • OXY (Oxycodone) / Examples: Oxycontin, Etc.
  • mAMP (Methamphetamine) / Examples: Ecstasy, MDMA, Etc.
  • THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) / Examples: Marijuana, Hashish, Etc.
  • BZO (Benzodiazepines) / Examples: Prescription sedatives normally in pill form. IE: Xanax, Valium, Rohypnol (aka Ruphies), etc.
Be Sure To Choose An Instant Drug Test Kit That Really Works

When needing instant drug test results, the main drugs that can be tested in such a short time period consists of Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Marijuana metabolite, Cocaine, Opiates, Phencyclidine (PCP), Barbiturates, Benzodiazepine, Methadone, Propoxyphene and Oxycodone. As well as any other methods used for drug testing make sure the lab knows prior to the test being performed of any prescriptions either over the counter or prescribed by your doctor that could be in your system. This will give the lab awareness that the test may show results because of the interactions of certain medications. In this results even though and employer or probation court ordered instant drug test will need to be held for further testing based on the labs finding on the results of the test.

This could be concluded by the lab using the same sample and testing strictly for that certain drug, or the employer or lab will ask the test taker to come back for another test when they have the legal prescription out of their system. This is to ensure they receive the instant drug test results the test taker knows they should have.

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