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Exotic Punch
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Berry Blast
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Cherry Red
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  • 1 Hour Advanced Formula Liquid Detoxification Drink
  • Ideal For Supervised or Unsupervised Environments
  • Extra Strength For Larger Body Mass/Higher Toxin Use
  • Effective Within 1 Hour
  • Keeps You In The Clear For Up To 5 Hours
  • Ultra Mask Drinks Have a TWO (2) Year Shelf Life
  • 4 Fantastic Flavors
  • Refrigerate For Better Flavoring
  • 99.8% Consumer Success/Satisfaction Rate
  • Rated #1 In High Times Magazine Since 1993
  • 500% Manufacturer Money Back Guarantee
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More Information On The Ultra Mask Drug Detox Drink


Yes, this product is 500% guaranteed... that is how confident they really are! The Ultra Mask 1 hour extra strength drug detox drink was created by detox industry professionals with over 25 years experience! It is available in 4 different flavors: Exotic Punch, Mandarin Orange, Wild Berry Blast and Cherry Red. These drinks hold toxins in your body that are stored in your fat cells. These toxins normally burn and then they are released into your blood, then filtered by your kidneys and sent onto the bladder, subsequently showing in your drug test. These drinks prevent these toxins from ever being released. This works on all toxins and is completely undetectable for any type of drug test. This Ultra Mask drug detox drink has a 99.8% success rate if the directions are followed precisely.

*ACHIEVING OPTIMAL RESULTS* In order to achieve optimal results, you must follow these guidelines:

Instructions For The Ultra Mask Drink


1) Avoid all toxins at least 24-72 hours prior to using Ultra Mask.
2) Avoid OTC or prescription medications 24 hours prior to using Ultra Mask.
3) On the days prior to using Ultra Mask, drink plenty of water to help lower your body's toxicity level. On the day you use Ultra Mask, drink about 1 glass of water per hour to keep your body properly hydrated. Drinking too much water will over-hydrate you.
4) If you have extremely high toxin levels, use our Power Flush Herbal Tea or Capsules prior to using Ultra Mask. Finish taking the tea or capsules about one hour prior to using Ultra Mask.
5) Remember, Ultra Mask is effective 1-5 hours after ingestion. Plan accordingly!


1) Shake bottle for about 15 seconds; drink entire contents of bottle.
2) 15 minutes later, refill bottle with water and drink.
3) Over the next 45 minutes, urinate 2-3 times.
4) That's it! For the next 4 hours you're good to go.


Ultra Mask 1 Hour Liquid Formula is backed by the best guarantee in the industry... a 500% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!!! In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with Ultra Mask, send us the:

1) UPC code
2) Store receipt with purchase price circled
3) Documentation of your unsatisfactory results and we will issue a refund check up to 500% of our manufacturer's suggested retail price.

Please address correspondence to:

Ultra Clean Inc.
8022 S. Rainbow Blvd. Suite 346
Las Vegas, NV 89139

Ultra Mask Drug Detox Drink Ingredients


Proprietary blend of Deionized Water, Dextrose, Gum Acacia, Citric Acid, Guar Gum, Creatine Monohydrate, Niacinamide, Pyridoxine Hcl, Aspartame, Thiamine Hcl, Riboflavin-5, Phosphate, Uva Ursi Extract, Cyanocobalamin with Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate as preservatives, FD&C color, Natural & Artificial Flavor.

* This product is not intended to be used for lawfully administered tests.

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"Your ORAL CLEAR gum worked!! Just chewed for a few minutes and the test was clean..."

I just followed the directions and after taking Green Clean Apple Concentrate... of course the results were negative. I couldn't believe it especially after trying other brands. I'm a 6'0", 245 lbs. male. Thanks guys...

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