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A cocaine urine test is another common drug that is tested today for employment opportunities as well as legal reasons. Many people have a lot of questions and concerns when they know they will be tested for cocaine through a urinalysis. Cocaine alone metabolizes too rapidly to become detectable for routine screening. When urine is screened for the presence of cocaine, a metabolite of cocaine is being measured.

Cocaine Doesn't Show Up Long For A Cocaine Urine Test

In a cocaine urine test, it can be detected in the urine of chronic abusers for longer time than someone who does not use cocaine very often. The period for benzoylecognine to be cleared from the urine is three to five days. High dose users can test positive after eight days. Benzoylecognine can be detected in heavy cocaine users for 10-14 days. The longest times over which positive urine levels of benzoylecognine can be detected are 10-22 days. This was after chronic use of extremely high doses since it is usually difficult to determine exactly how much cocaine is being used, it seems that a broader range of potential detection times should be given when explaining cocaine metabolism in regard to urine testing.

Urine screens currently required by many employers use the minimum cutoff levels set to establish a positive cocaine urine test. A urine level of 300 nanograms per milliliter of benzoylecognine is considered a positive result for cocaine use. Just like all types of drug tests, the results could differ depending on when the test is taken and when a person last used. Because the level of concentration in a persons urine changes throughout the day, the first urination in the morning will contain higher level of concentration oppose to someone who goes later in the afternoon. This can also change the results of the test depending on when a person gives their urine sample. Cocaine urine tests can be performed at home to gain results before going to a lab.

Test Yourself At Home Before Your Cocaine Urine Test

When choosing which at home test panel to use make sure its going to detect cocaine within your urine. Panel testing would be the best bet when choosing which test is best simply because there are different types and number of panels on one test. A cocaine urine test with a five-panel test would work for most people because the five-panel test will test for the five basic drugs in a persons system. Make sure to follow the directions carefully to ensure your going to gain accurate results on the test. After taking the test depending on the results there are further steps to take to help ensure a negative results when being tested by a lab.

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