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When cheating a drug test, first know what kind of test its going to be. Knowing ahead of time when the drug test will be works more in your favor with a better chance at success. When you know what kind of test figure out what type of drugs they will be testing for which then will help aid you in what product to use to pass the drug test.

When choosing a product to aid you in cheating drug test, make sure a product that is proven to a pass. Many products on the market today will only help pass the test partially which means it will only mask the drugs in your system not clean or detoxify the drug in your system. The longer the better in not consuming any drugs but at least give yourself 48 hours prior to the test for your body to start releasing toxins in your system. Also for at least two days prior to the test drink at least 16 oz of water and urinate frequently, and this will help naturally detoxify your body. Depending on the drug test will also depend on what type of product to choose to ensure a passing results. Cheating a urine drug test there are many options and these include synthetic urine with a heat activation substance, drinks that will not mask the substances in your system but detoxify it, some people will even use urine from a friend or family member with the knowledge of the person being “clean”.

Different Types Of A Drug Test

If it’s going to be a mouth swab there is gum that can help eliminate substance that will be in the mucous membranes of the mouth. Make sure you brush your teeth at least four times daily and use mouthwash after every time. DOES NOT use mouth wash at the time of the test because this will alter the results and give a false positive. Blood samples uses for a drug test is one of the ways that does not stay in your system that long. Drinking lots of water will help cheat a drug test. Hair follicle tests are a tricky type of drug test. With any substance in your system, this method shows up the longest out of any other type of test method used.

When a person does not have any hair on their head the lab will take hair from either legs, armpit or chest. Using shampoos to strip the toxins out of your body would be the best bet to cheat on that specific drug test. Use the shampoo anywhere on your body that hair is visible. The best way to cheat a drug test is to test yourself at home to ensure whether or not you will need any additional products to cheat your drug test. Also, with any type of drug test making sure to drink lots of water; make sure you are not taking illegal substance at least 48 hours before the test will also help. If a test was to come back positive test yourself at home again the night before the test to see if not consuming substance and drinking lots of water helped while leading up to your test day. From then on the next steps depend on your at home test results.

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