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We carry only the genuine Clear Choice beat a drug test products that are Featured In High Times Magazine, GanjaLand, Cannabis Culture, Heads, and more! We've provided solutions to millions of satisfied customers since 1993! These products have been scientifically formulated, tested, and proven to be the most effective in the industry! We are so confident you'll pass your drug test, we offer a 200% DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

There are all types of demands for a drug test these days. These may range from a pre-employment drug test to a life insurance application. Regardless, there may be a need for one of our products in your current situation regarding a test. We have effective, proven and cost effective product for a clinical drug test that is testing urine, hair or saliva (aka the q-tip oral swab).

Do You Need To Beat A Drug Test?

Drugs eventually show up in your body fluids and hair in one form or another. So, you'll be asked to "donate" a sample (specimen) of one of the two, which is submitted to a clinical drug test lab for chemical evaluation.

Today, our drug testing laws are a constant issue that can interrupt if not destroy the lives and careers of truly professional and responsible people. You have hurt nobody (except possibly yourself when dealing with the more illicit drugs). You show up to work on time if not EARLY! You are not racking up sick days like many cases of employees who are avid drinkers. So why are your personal freedoms being sacrificed for a minimum wage job (sad but true our economy now offers most starting wages at a poverty level of income). Randomized testing for drugs in your system does not tell if you are currently under the influence of an illicit substance, thus such a huge controversy over the wide spread use of such drug testing. What you do on your personal free time is your business.

We are here to help you beat a drug test. Again don't feel guilty about doing this, these are your personal freedoms and liberties at stake here! They want you to pee in a cup and comply with their game? Now you can do so and not worry about the negative outcomes!

Be Sure To Choose The Right Drug Test Product

To effectively beat a drug test, we feature the Clear Choice products, as raved about in popular magazines such as HIGH TIMES, GANJALAND, CANNABIS CULTURE, HEADS and many others! We have been providing proven, effective and safe drug testing solutions to literally tens of thousands of satisfied customers since 1993! All of our products are scientifically formulated, rigorously tested over and over again, and are proven the MOST EFFECTIVE way!

We are so sure you will be pleased with the outcome of your test that we offer an unheard of 200% DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! To date, we have less then a .1% (that's right, an unbelievable "point one percent"!) failure rate when using our products per the individual instructions accompanying each product!

There are specialists like us to steer you to the right products and information. With our proven results, we will outfit you with the right items to help you! Our high quality products will work for you when others simply do not.

Don't Count On Any Myth Or Home Remedy To Beat A Drug Test

Stay away from "home remedies" many of these old ways are no longer working or even tested for as well. When you submit your example of pee, saliva or hair for sampling, you can rest comfortably knowing you have used the honest to goodness, real Clear Choice products. Browse our many free enlightening articles about drug testing to help you to have clarity and a better understanding of the whole experience. Our customer service is always ready to support you in your quest to beat a drug test, send us an email any time and we will be more then happy to guide you through this experience!

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"Your ORAL CLEAR gum worked!! Just chewed for a few minutes and the test was clean..."

I just followed the directions and after taking Green Clean Apple Concentrate... of course the results were negative. I couldn't believe it especially after trying other brands. I'm a 6'0", 245 lbs. male. Thanks guys...

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