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During World War II, amphetamine was widely used to keep the fighting men going; both dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine) and methamphetamine (Methedrine) became readily available.

As the use of amphetamines spread, so did their abuse. They became popular with truckers to complete their long routes without falling asleep. They're also used for weight control, for helping athletes to perform better and train longer, and for treating depression.

Due to its potential for abuse or addiction, other treatment methods are used more frequently in medicine practice today.

An Amphetamine Drug Test Can Test Positive Because Of Prescribed Medications

An amphetamine drug test is the reasoning behind what labs call a false positive result. This is because of the interaction of the medication and the test itself. When going for a test and you know they will be testing for amphetamine; in the event you are prescribed medications that contain amphetamine, make sure you provide proof to the lab and to your employer that you are legally prescribed these medications. This is in case the test is for pre employment because of the chance the test will come back as a false positive.

In some cases, a false positive result for an amphetamine drug test that pertains to employment could stop a person from gaining the position to that company. In some cases with proof you are prescribed medications that contain amphetamine the employer will allow the new hire to become clean and re-take the test again if the results came back showing a false positive results. Amphetamines are drugs which stimulate the central nervous system they are psycho stimulant drugs - when overused they can be psychologically and physically addictive. As well as giving the user an enhanced feeling of wakefulness and focus, they also reduce appetite. The recreational drug, "speed" refers to types of amphetamines. For example someone who is prescribed medications for ADD or ADHD more than likely they are given Ritalin or Adderall which are a type of amphetamine.

The Amphetamine Drug Test Can Be Done Via Urine, Hair & Saliva Testing

An amphetamine drug test can be done just like testing any other type of drug in a persons system. For urine, testing the amphetamine test is a one-step competitive immunoassay that is used to screen for the presence of amphetamine in urine. It is a chromatographic absorbent device in which drug or drug metabolites in a sample compete with drug conjugate immobilized on a porous membrane for a limited number of binding sites. This test is a rapid, qualitative immunoassay for the detection of amphetamine in urine. Amphetamine drug test for hair follicle results is detectable with hair tests and is included in the standard set of substances tested for with these tests. Hair tests generally take the most recent 1.5 inches of growth and use those for testing. That provides a detection period of approximately 90 days. If an individual's hair is shorter than 1.5 inches, this detection period will be shorter. The period of time that amphetamines are present in a persons system varies. It varies because of the kind of amphetamine drug test that is being used. With some amphetamine, drug tests the period of detection could appear to be short and with other kinds of amphetamine drug tests there could be up to a three-month window of detection. This also will vary because of the use of the drug.

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