urine drug testing

urine drug testing
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Urine Drug Testing

Pass Urine Drug Testing

Urine Drug Testing

The Rescue Cleanse Detox Drinks are available in two sizes to pass urine drug testing, cocaine, etc. These drinks hold toxins in your body that are stored in your fat cells. These toxins normally burn and then they are released into your blood, then filtered by your kidneys and sent onto the bladder, subsequently showing in your urine drug testing. These drinks prevent these toxins from ever being released. This works on all toxins and is completely undetectable for any type of urine drug testing! This Detox Drink has a 99.8% success rate if the directions are followed correctly.

Instructions: Avoid all toxins and unnecessary medications for at least 48-72 hours prior to urine drug testing. Do not eat or drink for 4 hours before consuming this drink. Allow 60 minutes for this to be effective. For best flavor, refrigerate before opening. Shake well. Drink entire contents of bottle as quickly as possible but at a comfortable pace. Wait 15 minutes then refill container with cold water and drink. Urinate frequently to remove toxins and continue to avoid food/beverages. After one hour you will be in the Clear ZoneTM for up to 5 hours. Maximum effectiveness is achieved within the first hour of using this urine drug testing product.


Privacy: Urine drug testing intrudes on intimate bodily privacy. Mass drug screening violates the privacy of the majority of responsible employees in order to spot a minority of alleged drug abusers, many of whom are in fact not drug abusers at all. Government-imposed urine drug testing may be restricted by the 4th Amendment to the Constitution, which forbids unreasonable search and seizure and requires "probable cause" for search warrants. However, the 4th Amendment does not generally apply to urine drug testing by private employers.

Accuracy: No urine drug testing is infallible. Surveys of urine drug testing labs have found remarkably high error rates from poor quality control. While good labs have added safeguards to minimize the risk of "false positives," even if error rates are only one in 10,000, the extension of urine drug testing to tens of millions of workers as proposed by the government means that many workers will be falsely accused of drug abuse.

The most common misconception about urine drug testing is that it detects drug-impaired workers, whereas it actually detects evidence of past drug use that need have no relation to on-the-job performance. Because urine drug testing is highly sensitive to marijuana, random testing can promote use of other, more dangerous drugs such as cocaine and opiates, which wash out in 2-3 days, or LSD, which is rarely tested for urine drug testing.

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