probation drug test


probation drug test
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probation drug test

drug test specimen

A probation drug test is very important to a person on probation because its court ordered due to something you have done. This type of drug testing is very important because its done at random or done when a persons probation officer has suspicion of drug usage. They type of test panels that are used for probation drug testing is nine to ten. This nine to ten panel test strip will test for all types of drug in a person system. When there is any type of court ordered drug test, it is extremely important to pass other wise there will be following consequences.

The courts take any violations of a probation drug test seriously. Typically, individuals may be subjected to more stringent restrictions such as being sent to a drug rehabilitation program, or, sometimes, sent to jail. In addition, it is possible that an individualís probation period will be extended if a person on probation was to fail their test. The guidelines refer to drug testing only through urinalysis. They are designed to assist agencies across the country to develop judicially acceptable programs that will provide the information required to confirm or deny offender drug use. Drug-testing policies and procedures developed according to these guidelines will enable agencies to withstand any legal challenges of drug test results. The guidelines address the following components of a drug-testing system: agency mission, testing purpose, drug testing policies and procedures, authority to test, the selection of drug-testing methodologies, confirmation, offender selection, drug-testing protocol, instruction to offenders, agency collection sites, custody chain, reporting and use of results, confidentiality, contracting for drug-testing services, onsite instrument-based drug-testing, drug-testing costs, and management information systems.

A probation drug test is very strict; this is because of a person on probation trying to find ways to pass their test. When probation drug tests are ordered, a person is directed to certain test lab with strict ruling. Before entering the collection area, a person must empty all pockets and leave all of their belongings out side of the room. From there on, the person on probation will be patted down to make sure they are not carrying in other samples of urine to aid in their passing results. Many people on probation will collect urine from someone else of the same sex that will have clean urine. Another strict rule probation and probation labs have is monitoring. This is done through either camera placed in the collection room or a person standing at the door watching to collection being taken, in the event of missed items on the person who is on probation. In addition to a person being patted down or removing all products both the toilet and the sink will show up with a dye solution if a person tries to dump any extra urine into them that may be diluted. All urine samples that is collected from a person who is on probation will be tested for temperature as well as dilution such as if a person has been drinking excessive amounts of water or if the urine sample has been diluted with water to lesson the concentration of the sample. Drug testing that is done through court ordered probation drug testing there is no way around passing easily. Due to the courts, probation and labs strict ruling they can detect almost anything that is done to the urine to try and cheat the test results.

probation drug test

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